Supply Chain

End to end traceability of goods from source to destination addresses risk significantly and removes count-erfeit ingestion in global supply chain process. Multiple parties within supply chain manage data in their own systems and reconcile them using information provided by chain members that is currently an expensive affair and imposes reputational risks in industry.

Supply chain private platform offers single source of truth for buyers, suppliers, shipping agencies and other chain members. All parities meant to use the innovative trusted network which provide transparency on activities at each stage and keep them in sync, using real-time processing capability on top of data privacy and restrict access mechanism in place.

Permissioned Chain

Private chain for members with added security and data privacy

Complete Visibility

Movement of goods are visible to members at each stage

Reduces Risks

Eliminates risks related to time and data mismatch

The solutions we built are secured, trusted, efficient and compliant with national and international data protection law to protect individual's personal and personal sensitive data where applicable. Distributed and permission-based ledger transactions with end to end traceability create a unique platform for businesses to trust and adopt the innovative way of solving business problems that haven't been possible without.

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Interchange information securely
among participants


Trusted by participants to invoke
the transaction


Real-time transactions for fast
approvals without any delay


Complaint in place with the data
protection and privacy law

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