Peer to Peer Energy Trading

Number of organisations executed pilots projects to implement innovation from emerging Peer-to-Peer (P2P) energy trading, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, to decentralised marketplaces, electric vehicle charging and e-mobility. Energy systems are undergoing rapid changes to accommodate the increasing volumes of embedded renewable generation, such as wind farms and solar energy - Solar Photovoltaic. Renewable energy sources have undergone the massive development in recent years in the energy sector, boosted by financial incentives and energy policy initiatives.

It is estimated that in the EU alone, the transition towards a more sustainable and secure energy system would require an investment of €200 billion per year for generation, network and energy efficiency development. 2 Trillion dollars in electricity network upgrades will be required by 2030 in the United States.  Blockchains or Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), were primarily designed to facilitate distributed transactions by removing the central management. As a result, blockchains could help addressing the challenges faced by decentralised energy systems.

Renewable energy

Easy access to Renewable Energy in growing demand

New market place

With No Intermediary, it brings new market place for participants

Regulatory framework

Regulators like OFGEM in UK & others control the governance

The solutions we built are secured, trusted, efficient and compliant with national and international data protection law to protect individual's personal and personal sensitive data where applicable. Distributed and permission-based ledger transactions with end to end traceability create a unique platform for businesses to trust and adopt the innovative way of solving business problems that haven't been possible without.

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Interchange information securely
among participants


Trusted by participants to invoke
the transaction


Real-time transactions for fast
approvals without any delay


Complaint in place with the data
protection and privacy law

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